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clariion & multipathd


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solaris pkgutil

список пакетов: https://www.opencsw.org/get-it/packages/
Get, Install and Configure
pkgadd -d http://get.opencsw.org/now
Setting up a local mirror

First, one must know that there are actually only three catalogs to choose from:

stable == legacy
testing == current == dublin

Packages in stable are quite old and won't be updated anytime soon.

Packages in testing are updated every now and then. They're not very recent, but not really old either. This is a good choice for the majority.

Packages in unstable get frequent updates and they're the most recent you can get on OpenCSW (except experimental packages). But they're not thoroughly tested and may be - as the name indicates - unstable. This may be a bad choice for production systems if you can't test these packages beforhand.

Use (With Examples)
Available packages
   pkgutil -a | head
   pkgutil -a geoip python

Compare packages
   pkgutil -c
   pkgutil -c php perl
   pkgutil -C

Remove packages
   pkgutil -r CSWrcs

System check
   pkgutil -V

Package streams
   pkgutil --stream --download -T sparc:5.10 nano
   pkgutil -y -o - -ds bind | gzip > bind.pkg.gz

Using Package Commands to Manage Software Packages

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- Все верно. Сталь и чугун варят в мордоре. В Шире только разводят хрюшек и кроликов.

- В/на хохоляцком Шире один Кроль разводит херову тучу хрюнделей. ))