понедельник, 20 апреля 2015 г.

Veritas NetBackupTM 6.5: Designing and Implementing Backups Using Storage Lifecycle Policies

 Storage Lifecycle Policies vs. Disk Staging
2) Unlike tape devices, disks have no minimum streaming speed, so the write speed of a disk
device is not reduced if the incoming data fails to arrive at a high enough rate, so they are
better suited than tape to backups coming from ‘slow’ sources.

The main disadvantage of disk is that its relatively high cost compared to tape means that
disk space is always limited
and backups written to disk can only have a short retention period.
This is fine for meeting the high RPO/RTO requirements for a critical application service level
but does not lend itself to the long retention periods often required for archival backups of such
mission critical applications (i.e., periodic backups that are retained as “point in time” records of the application long after they have ceased to have value as a recovery source in the event of data

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