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backup/restore aix


Создать архив: smitty mksysb

* Backup DEVICE or FILE                              [/oradb/zfra]                                                                   +/
  Create MAP files?                                   no                                                                  +
  Create backup using snapshots?                      no                                                                  +
  EXCLUDE files?                                      no                                                                  +
  Exclude WPAR file systems?                          no                                                                  +
  Location of File System Exclusion List             []                                                                    /
  List files as they are backed up?                   no                                                                  +
  Verify readability if tape device?                  no                                                                  +
  Generate new /image.data file?                      yes                                                                 +
  EXPAND /tmp if needed?                              yes                                                                 +
  Disable software packing of backup?                 no                                                                  +
  Backup extended attributes?                         yes                                                                 +
  Number of BLOCKS to write in a single output       []                                                                    #
     (Leave blank to use a system default)
  Location of existing mksysb image                  []                                                                    /
  File system to use for temporary work space        []                                                                    /
     (If blank, /tmp will be used.)
  Back up encrypted files?                            yes                                                                 +
  Back up DMAPI filesystem files?                     yes  

Список файлов в бэкапе.
listvgbackup -cf /oradb/zfra/mksysb.img 

restore -xdvqf /oradb/zfra/mksysb.img ./opt/u0
restore -xdvqf /oradb/zfra/mksysb.img ./home/orion ./home/oracle

точка вначале пути значащая.

Правильно бэкапить на магнитофон, тогда возможно загрузка с ленточки: http://nirmalesh-aix.blogspot.ru/2011/06/mksysb-and-savevg-backup-restore.html

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