пятница, 25 января 2013 г.

Cоздание энергетической суперинфраструктуры значит :-)

Продолжалась работы и в части сертификации решений Cisco по российским требованиям в области информационной безопасности. Было получено свыше 50 новых сертификатов, но особо нам бы хотелось отметить сертификация маршрутизаторов Cisco CGR 2010 и коммутаторов Cisco CGS 2500 по схеме “серия” по требованиям руководящего документа ФСТЭК “Средства вычислительной техники. Межсетевые экраны. Защита от несанкционированного доступа к информации. Показатели защищенности от несанкционированного доступа к информации” по 4-му классу защищенности. Сертификация маршрутизаторов Cisco CGR 2010 и коммутаторов Cisco  вытекает из объявленной почти два года готовности руководства Cisco содействовать созданию в Российской Федерации энергетической  суперинфраструктуры (по-английски – Smart Grid), объединяющей новаторские энергетические и информационно-коммуникационные технологии.


среда, 23 января 2013 г.

HA initiated a failover action in cluster warning

1. Перезапустить management agent на ESX серверах кластера: service vmware-vpxa restart

2. Раз п 1 не помог в свойствах кластера снять крыж "Turn on VMware HA", после окончания расконфигурирования HA вернуть крыж в зад, отпустит.

APC battery


Most APC batteries should last three to five years. There are many factors which affect Battery life including environment and number of discharges. Below are some guidelines to ensure optimum life expectancy:

1. Make sure that you keep your APC UPS in a cool, dry location with plenty of ventilation. Ideally, the temperature where your UPS is kept should not exceed 75° F (24° C). Also, for ventilation purposes, leave roughly one to two inches on each side for proper airflow.

2. The optimum operating temperature for a lead-acid battery is 25 Deg C (77 Deg F). Elevated temperature reduces longevity. As a guideline, every 8 Deg C (15 Deg F) rise in temperature will cut the battery life in half. A battery which would last for 5 years at 25 Deg C (77 Deg F), will only be good for 3 years if operated at 33 Deg C (95 Deg F). Keep in mind that the battery temperature inside your UPS will always be warmer than the ambient temperature of the location where the UPS is installed.

3. Only perform runtime calibrations on your UPS one or two times a year, if necessary. Some of our customers want to check their systems to verify that their runtime is sufficient. However, consistently performing these calibrations can significantly decrease the life expectancy of your APC battery.  

4. Do not store APC batteries for extended periods of time. New batteries can be stored for 6 to 12 months from date of purchase. After this period, the battery should be used or it will lose a great deal of its charge . It is not advisable to store batteries that have already been in use.

5.  As the load increases on your UPS, the runtime decreases. It is not recommended that the load exceed 80 percent of the UPS unit’s rated capacity. In the event of a power failure, a UPS loaded to full capacity will discharge the battery very quickly and there is a potential that the life expectancy of the battery will be significantly reduced.

SYBT4: Battery Module for Symmetra PX, Smart-UPS VT or Galaxy 3500
Expected Battery Life (years)  ...  3 - 5