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esx 4.x Unable to resolve UUID

дефект update2

There are 2 recommended workarounds. Both workarounds involve the modification of the /etc/fstab file. You can either:

    Generate a new UUID for the affected file system(s) and update /etc/fstab to match the new value(s).
    Update /etc/fstab to incorporate the correct UUID from the file system.

Applying a new UUID
Apply a new UUID to the EXT-3 file systems which fail to resolve and update the /etc/fstab file.

    Run tune2fs against each Linux partition on the suspected disk device. For example:

    # tune2fs -l /dev/sdr2 | grep UUID
    Filesystem UUID: 34d192db-17eb-442e-9613-c5c24c6fa9fa

    # tune2fs -U random /dev/sdr2
    tune2fs 1.39 (29-May-2006)

    # tune2fs -l /dev/sdr2 | grep UUID
    Filesystem UUID: 25a18c70-ffcb-4b15-9d2d-1cfab1754d86

    Update /etc/fstab with the updated UUID. From earlier steps, /dev/sdr2 partition was determined to be the /var/log mount point:

        Remount the root partition in read-write mode:

        # mount / -o remount,rw

        Open the /etc/fstab file in a text editor. For more information, see Editing configuration files in VMware ESXi and ESX (1017022).
        Search for, and change, the original UUID to the newly-generated UUID from earlier steps, above.
        Save the file and remount the root partition in read-only mode:

        # mount / -o remount,ro

        Reboot the server:

        # shutdown -r now


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