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Mix 3750G and 3750E in the same stack

Q. Can I run Cisco Catalyst 3750 switches with Cisco Catalyst 3750-E switches in the same stack?
A. Yes, the two series are compatible. When the Cisco Catalyst 3750-E Series detects a non-E-Series Cisco Catalyst 3750, it will negotiate down from StackWise Plus mode to StackWise mode. Thus, the entire stack will now run in the original StackWise mode.

Q. What is stack mismatch?
A. A stack mismatch is a condition where stack members do not join the stack because of differences between the joining members and the current stack master. There are three types of stack mismatches: version mismatch, SDM mismatch, and feature mismatch.

• Version mismatch - StackWise Plus requires switch members of the stack to have similar Cisco IOS® Software image types or feature set licenses. That is, if the master runs the IP Services feature set, then all members are expected to have the same type of Cisco IOS Software feature set, although the release level can be different. If this condition is not met, then the stack will go into a version mismatch mode.

• SDM mismatch - This mismatch occurs when a new switch is inserted into the ring and it has been configured with a different or incompatible SDM template.

• Feature mismatch - Occurs when a new member attempts to join a running stack that has an interdependent feature configured that cannot be supported on the new switch member joining he stack.

Новая политика лицензирования таки пресекает на корню старые, привычные, шалости и  ios 3750G нужно подгонять под честно купленный  feature set для 3750E.

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